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An oasis of flavors and traditional Czech beer right in the heart of Prague

Prague beer

Are you looking for the best place in the heart of Prague where you can indulge not only a first class beer, but also a perfect steak? Look no further! Červený Jelen is proud of its wide range, including not only the famous Pilsner Urquell from the tank. In the premises of the former bank, you can also choose from a rich selection of soft drinks, beer snacks and tasting boards full of meat delicacies that come from the best Czech farms.

Great restaurant with cozy outdoor seating

Garden Prague

Do you know a better feeling than freshly tapped beer in a chilled glass? Add one of our two cozy gardens in the center of Prague 1 just a short distance from Hlavní or Masaryk station and you have the recipe for a perfect afternoon. Whether you're a local or a tourist wandering through the center looking for the best beer in Prague, outdoor seating of the Red Deer will offer you comfort and excellent service.

Beer tapping master?

Beer tapping course

Do you want to know all the secrets of beer? Sign up for our beer tapping course in Prague, where you will learn everything about the art of tap. Here you can find unique tank beer, the quality of which rests on the shoulders of the most professional bar masters led by Miroslav "Pantáta" Nekolný (@pantata_vycepni). Alone, in a group, for a celebration, farewell or as a team building - we leave it up to you!

A unique space deserves unique food - Do you know Wagyu steak?

Wagyu steak

Červený Jelen is also home to one of the best steaks in Prague. Our menu is varied, but if you are a meat lover, don't miss our luxurious Wagyu steak. The meat of the originally Japanese Wagyu breed is irresistibly tender, juicy and has a unique overgrown structure. Thanks to the careful selection of quality cuts of beef and long, slow fattening, Wagyu has an intense marbling, which ensures its unique taste.

The creamy white fat that can be seen on each slice is a guarantee of fragility and juiciness.

What's more, in our restaurant we offer different variants of this meat - from steaks from low and high grill to Wagyu burger. Each piece of Wagyu is carefully selected by farmers from Australia and Japan to guarantee the highest quality and unforgettable taste. And because this meat deserves special care, we prepare it on the Infierno grill from the American grillworks, in which we fire with wood from the Křivoklátské lesé.

Whether you want to spend an evening out with friends or are looking for a restaurant with a garden in Prague 1, Červený Jelen is the ideal place for any occasion. Come and discover why our restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Prague.


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