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Červený jelen beer gardens

In Červený Jelen there are two beer gardens, Jelen and Republika. Both gardens have perfect outdoor seating, ideal for a midday break with a great lunch from Marek's team or for a lovely and quiet dinner outside. Both gardens are serviced.

Zahrádka Praha 1 CELNICE
Zahrádka Praha 1 REPUBLIKA

How to get here?

You will be led to the Jelen beer garden by the flying red deer through St. Hubert's Lane, which connects to the V Celnici street. The Republika garden can be reached through the restaurant, just go through the glass doors on the left side of the main floor. Where you sit is up to you.

Aperitivo. lively outdoor
get-together after the workday

During the summer months, we regularly hold an Aperitivo every third Wednesday of the month in the Jelen beer garden. Aperitivo is an Italian tradition where people gather after a day of work in the beer garden for a drink and a small bite to eat, chatting with friends and enjoying laid-back music.

Whether you live or work in downtown Prague or you find yourself on Hybernska Street on your way home, join our Facebook event, confirm you're coming and we'll look forward to seeing you. Don't forget to invite your colleagues too!

We start with Aperitivo 2023 on the third Wednesday in May. You can expect DJs, perfect drinks (such as Aperol Spritz, Campari spritz, Hendricks Gin Tonic, Malfy Gin Tonic, Spork Spirits Gin Tonic and other drinks depending on the season) and beer, classic appetizers like our degustation platters and appetizers (see the current menu here).

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