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We honor Czech beer culture

Everything in Červený Jelen is based on the excellent service of Pilsner beer. The only beer we serve at Červený Jelen is Pilsner Urquell. Pilsner has been with us since the beginning and is the only beer we have so we take extra care to make sure that it arrives at each of our guests' tables perfectly conditioned. It's a long process, and beer is our craft. And we have some of the best tapsters, led by Míra "Pantata" Nekolný. And in the summer we have not one but two beer gardens open!

World's tallest tank tower

Červený Jelen Tanková věž

In the middle of our restaurant, a 9-meter tall tank tower rises through 3 floors. A dozen tanks are lined up in two tiers and they are not just for decoration. The entire tower is a well-designed system from which we lead the beer to each of our four taps.


All the pipes are led without any compromise so that the beer takes the shortest possible path to the taps and the beer is always of perfect quality.

The Pilsner beer in the tanks is unpasteurized and is delivered by a special cistern straight from the brewery. Therefore, it is the freshest possible beer you can taste.

Tanková věž

Beer garden + Pilsner on tap
= Love at first sight

Come and sit down for a beer and something delicious in our beer garden.

Our outdoor seating area is an oasis of peace right in the centre of Prague, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of work or have your friends over and enjoy the warm weather.

And you can have a side of tartar with toasted red grain bread, duck pate with onion biscuit and sea buckthorn jam or something lighter.

More in our A la carte menu.

Čepované pivo Praha

Beer tapping courses
in Červený Jelen

Kurz čepování piva Praha

We run courses for people who want to learn how to tap the perfect glass and find out more about beer, as well as for people who are considering a career as a bartender.

Our master bartender Míra Nekolný will guide you through the world of beer like no one else.

He will teach you how to perfectly tap Pilsner beer, explain how our entire beer distribution system works at Červený Jelen and answer all your questions about beer and how to care for it.

Beer statistics

We take the best care of our beer! And we know almost everything about the craft of beer. If you want to know a little bit about the beer we serve and the system we operate, just move your cursor over the boxes and the other part of the beer statistics will appear.

21 days

Tank Expiration

180 Kg

The weight of one

empty tank

529 L

Usable tank volume

150 kg

the weight of protective decorative piping

9500 Kg

weight of the tanks when full

4 - 5 days

Maximum tank expiration after tapping

710 Kg

Weight of filled tank

61 KG

of Copper was used to make one tank

890 kg

Of Copper was used for the entire tank tower

6350 L

total volume

of all 12 tanks

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