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Restaurace Červený Jelen

wagyu steaks

in Červený Jelen

Wagy steaky

Wagyu steaks are, to us, a part of the ultimate dining experience.
Wagyu steak is one of the world's most exclusive dishes due to the exquisite quality of the meat, the rich flavor, and the marbling that forms a fine network of fat in the beef.

Our Wagyu steaks come from Japan and Australia. On the menu, we have Wagyu Tenderloin and Sirloin (Japan) and Rib Eye (Australia) as well as the Wagyu burger

All Wagyu steaks can be sampled individually or together on a Wagyu degustation platter that will feed 3-4 people.

The steaks and degustation platters are served with seasonal grilled vegetables.

The origin of our wagyu steaks

Wagyu steaky hovězí

Our restaurant offers Wagyu meat from Australia and Japan.

Each piece of Wagyu meat goes through a careful selection to guarantee the highest quality and the best taste.


Each steak is prepared by our grillmaster on an Infierno grill from an American company Grillworks, which is fired only using wood from the Křivoklát forests.


The combination of quality wood, grill, grillmaster skills and meat quality results in an absolutely excellent taste and texture of the steak.

Come and see for yourself.

Our range of wagyu steaks

Wagyu steak Sirloin

You can find our Wagyu menu on the top left of our a la carte menu, which we serve from 2:30 pm every day.


On the menu you will find these types of wagyu beef:

  • Wagyu Sirloin (low grid) from Japan class A4

  • Wagyu Tenderloin also A4 originally from Japan

  • Wagyu Ribeye (tall steak) originating in Australia and 6/7 on the BMS scale.

  • Wagyu burger with Foie gras, truffle mayonnaise and red onion marmalade.

Our steaks are served with seasonal grilled vegetables.

Come and taste the best Wagyu steak or Wagyu burger at our place in Červený Jelen and get carried away by its excellent taste and aroma. We look forward to your visit!
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