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Taste Wagyu meat that will tantalise your palate

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Wagyu steak

Have you ever tried Wagyu meat? It is irresistibly tender, juicy and has a unique texture. Its taste is many times more satisfying than any other meat. What is so special about Wagyu cattle meat and where in Prague can you try it?

Why try Wagyu beef?

The Japanese Wagyu breed is one of the finest meats in the world. Careful selection of quality cattle and long, slow fattening ensure proper fat deposition in the muscle, causing a distinctive marbling for intense flavour and a unique appearance.

The creamy white fat that permeates the muscle gives the meat its exquisite tenderness and delicious juiciness. The fat from this type of meat contains higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and lower cholesterol, so you don't have to worry about your health. What's more, you can taste it in Prague!

Where to eat Wagyu in Prague?

Come and try Wagyu steak at our restaurant Červený delen, where we prepare the delicious meat in several ways. You can enjoy a steak from low sirloin or sirloin steak from Japanese Wagyu or steak from high sirloin Australian Wagyu. As a specialty, we also offer a Wagyu beef burger.

On our a la carte menu you will find:

Wagyu steak Sirloin

  • Sirloin Wagyu - low sirloin steak (Gunma Japan A4), 150 g

  • Tenderloin Wagyu - sirloin steak (Gunma Japan A4), 200 g

  • Rib Eye Wagyu - sirloin steak (Australia BMS 6/7), 400 g

  • Wagyu & foie gras burger - truffle mayonnaise, red onion marmalade, brioche bun, mesclun salad, 270 g

  • WAGYU steak tasting for 3-4 people - Rib Eye Australia 400 g, Tenderloin Japan 200 g, Sirloin Japan 150 g, Chimichurri, cognac and chipotle sauce

All steaks and tasting board served with seasonal grilled vegetables.

Tasting Wagyu meat is considered an unforgettable gourmet experience, so you can make your loved ones happy too. You'll have the perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary.

Careful selection of meat and exclusive preparation

Experience the delicious taste of a unique cut of meat that is the top of the meat delicacies. Our restaurant prides itself on offering tender, marbled meats from farmers in Australia and Japan. Each piece of Wagyu goes through a careful selection process to ensure the highest quality and unforgettable taste.

And because Wagyu deserves special care, our grillmaster will prepare your steak on an Infierno grill from American Grillworks, which we heat using only wood from the Křivoklát forests. Come and taste Wagyu meat that will take you away with bliss with every bite.


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