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The outdoor gardens of Celnice and Republika combine delicious food, drinks and a relaxed atmosphere

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Outdoor gardens Prague

With the arrival of the first warm days, our desires for pleasant moments spent in the fresh air awaken. And this applies not only to sitting with friends over perfectly treated beer, but also to eating together. Afternoon sun combined with fantastic food and a pleasant environment on the outdoor terrace creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy the best moments with your loved ones.

Where to garden in Prague 1?

Do you want to enjoy the nice weather? Come and enjoy the best combination of great beer and first-class food at our restaurant Červený Jelen! On our menu you will find delicious food from Mark Fichtner's team, to which we will pour Pilsner Urquell beer straight from the tank or mix refreshing homemade lemonade. p>

Our two summer gardens, Celnice and Republika, are irresistible oases of calm in the middle of busy Prague. Both gardens offer perfect outdoor seating, which is ideal for relaxing in at noon with a fantastic lunch prepared under the baton of our chef Marko, or for a pleasant dinner outside. And what's best – our friendly staff will take care of your every wish and do their best for your comfort.

Aperitif at the Red Deer

Aperitivo Prague

Do you ever feel like you need to switch off and enjoy the rest of the day in friendly company? Join us for a unique experience that will take you straight to Italy! Every third Wednesday in the summer months, we meet in the garden of the Customs House and enjoy a real Italian Aperitivo.

Refreshing drinks, irresistible treats and live music create an authentic atmosphere that will charge you with positive energy after a hard day. Our appetizers, including tasting boards and appetizers, will definitely not disappoint you. In addition, we are preparing something special, so let yourself be surprised!

Come sit, chat with friends and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant with outdoor seating. We look forward to you!


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