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Aperitivo – Italian tradition in the historic center of Prague

Aperitivo Prague

During the sun-drenched summer months, we meet every first Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. for a traditional aperitif. Lovers (and lovers) of refreshing summer drinks, our delicious boards and a pleasant atmosphere of gardens, this is the event just for you!

Aperitivo in Prague: The best garden for a refreshing summer experience

Aperitivo is an Italian tradition that has been readily adopted by businesses across Europe. The combination of relaxation, enjoying delicious drinks and a little something to eat sounds like a well-spent afternoon. The Červený Jelen also embraced the aperitivo and we decided to bring this beautiful custom directly to the heart of Prague. Every month, our restaurant hosts an aperitivo, during which you can enjoy a unique atmosphere together with friends, colleagues or just the two of you.

Summer atmosphere in our garden in Prague

Our restaurant organizes an aperitivo in the celnice garden, which is an ideal place for a summer meeting. Quiet, beautifully decorated, in the center of Prague and offers a perfect hiding place from the sun. Whether you decide to spend a late afternoon or a romantic evening with us, Celnice is the best garden in Prague!

A garden bar in the center of Prague with a selection of refreshing drinks

Our offer of aperitif drinks is tuned to the last bubble! For lovers of refreshing and light drinks, our mixologist mixed:

Prague garden bar

  • Aperol Spritz,

  • Campari Spritz,

  • Campari Soda,

  • Campari Orange,

  • Crodino Spritz,

  • and of course, both beer drinkers and abstinents will enjoy it!

We have bars, we have drinks and we also have snacks

You can find us in the garden of the best restaurant in Prague

Aperitivo garden Prague

If you are looking for the perfect place to relax and enjoy good food and drink, the Červený Jelen restaurant in the center of Prague is the ideal choice for you. Our garden under the typical statue of a flying deer is one of the best in all of Prague, not only thanks to its charming environment, but also thanks to the top drinks and delicacies from the best restaurant in Prague.

Every first Wednesday in the summer months, from 17:30 - great atmosphere, refreshing drinks and delicious delicacies straight from our kitchen. An aperitif at the Červený Jelen restaurant is an unforgettable experience that you will be happy to tell about.


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