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Where to get beer in Prague? Professionals tap beer at Červený Jelen Restaurant

If you are wondering where to get beer in Prague, come to us at Červený Jelen Restaurant. We are a modern Czech restaurant in the center of Prague, known not only for our renowned cuisine but especially for masterfully tapped Pilsner Urquell beer.

Beer experience in the heart of Prague

At Červený Jelen, everything is dedicated to the highest care for Pilsner beer. The best bartenders, led by head bartender Igor Kolivoško, take care of the beer. Additionally, the staff regularly trains not only in tapping techniques but also in the sanitation of beverage lines.

The Pilsner lager you enjoy here is always perfectly cared for and fresh because it is unpasteurized beer delivered by a special tanker directly from the brewery.

In our restaurant, we also have a world unique feature – a nine-meter tank tower rising through three floors, the tallest of its kind in the world. Twelve tanks in the tower ensure that the beer travels the shortest possible distance to the taps, maintaining excellent quality.

Properly tapped beer is fundamental

At Červený Jelen, we highlight the correct tapping technique. You can recognize a well-tapped beer at first glance – thick white foam without large bubbles clings to the walls of the glass (rings). The taste of the beer should remain the same as if you were tasting it in the lager cellar in Plzeň.

How do we tap Pilsner beer?

  1. Release some foam.

  2. Place the half-liter glass at a 45° angle to the tap and partially fill it with foam.

  3. Submerge the nozzle of the tap under the foam, fully open the tap, and gradually straighten the glass.

  4. Immediately serve the beer after closing the tap. Do not let the remaining foam drip into the beer.

  5. The tapping process should take about 6 seconds (when tapping "hladinka"). There should be no "multiple pours" or "topping off."

Clean and chilled glasses

Half-liter glasses must always be clean, wet, and chilled ideally to the beer's temperature. If the glass is well-washed, no bubbles will appear on its walls after pouring, and the foam will ring nicely. We store glasses in a chilled tub with cold water before pouring because the last thing you want is warm beer heated by the glass.

How to recognize good beer foam? The foam should be thick, creamy, and compact. The foam decreases from the bottom but remains on the top for quite a while. The foam maintains freshness, prevents beer oxidation, and retains the right fizz.

Rules for tapping beer

There are several ways to tap beer correctly, and the exact method can vary from brewery to brewery. At Červený Jelen Restaurant, we can work with different tapping styles according to the tradition of Pilsner Urquell. Each tapping style offers a different experience. However, there are general rules that should be followed when tapping Czech beer:

  1. Sanitation is prime. Perfectly functioning and rinsed dispensing equipment, clean glasses, and taps.

  2. Before tapping, the beer glass must be properly chilled.

  3. Beer should never be tapped from a height, otherwise, the foam will aerate and quickly disappear.

  4. The tap must be submerged into the glass at an angle of approximately 45° and must be in contact with the glass wall throughout.

Types of tapped beer

In our restaurant, we pour in the "hladinka" style, and you can taste four typical types of poured Pilsner Urquell beer: hladinka, šnyt, mlíko, and čochtan.

  1. Hladinka - a large beer with thick foam up to the edge. 

This is the traditional pouring method for Pilsner beer. The beer is poured in one go at a 45° angle with high, thick foam that protects the beer and maintains proper fizz.

  1. Šnyt - a small beer in a large glass. 

A small beer tapped into a large glass with a higher foam ratio. Ideal for sitting with friends or as a "farewell beer."

  1. Mlíko - a glass full of foam. 

A glass filled to the edge with creamy foam that is sweet, smooth, and wet. Mlíko must be drunk very quickly so it doesn't turn into beer. It's a thirst-quenching beer that makes you want another.

  1. Čochtan

Beer tapped almost without foam, ideal for quenching thirst, which must again be drunk quickly to prevent it from going flat.

Each type of beer has a specific taste, and the biggest taste difference is noticeable when comparing čochtan with mlíko. Properly tapped hladinka, šnyt, mlíko, and čochtan highlight the uniqueness of Pilsner Urquell beer. Book your table in Červený Jelen today.

Tapster Academy is an experience: Join the beer tapping courses at Červený Jelen. 

If you want to try tapping different styles and learn about the history and production of beer, we organize courses for individuals and companies. Our master bartender will guide you through the world of beer, teach you the correct tapping technique, and explain the entire beer system at Červený Jelen Restaurant. Book your course today.

Check out the Instagram of our master tapster Míra Nekolný, also known as Pantáta Výčepní, and stay updated with the latest news.

Visit one of the best restaurants in Prague and enjoy beer and food

Červený Jelen offers not only well-tapped beer but also modern cuisine. You can enjoy dishes prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients that complement the beer experience. For a fizzy lager from Plzeň, we recommend, for example, Wagyu steak from the grill, Přeštice pork chop, or beef tartare. The sweet taste of mlíko pairs perfectly with desserts from our Klárka. The great atmosphere and pleasant service only enhance the overall impression.

The restaurant has two gardens, which are an oasis of calm in the bustling center of Prague, and in summer they are ideal for sitting with good food and beer.

Where is Červený Jelen Restaurant located?

In a historic building in Prague on Hybernská Street, near the Astronomical Clock (Orloj) and the Powder Tower (Prašná brána). Nearby, you will also find the largest shopping street in Central Europe, Na Příkopě. The restaurant is accessible by all metro lines (A, B, C). Two train stations are within walking distance - the Main Station and Masaryk Station.

Visit the Červený Jelen Restaurant and taste the best beer in Prague. We look forward to your visit!


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