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Discover the gastronomic paradise of the Červený Jelen Restaurant - one of the best garden restaurants in Prague

Updated: Apr 12

Right in the heart of Prague on Hybernská Street, you'll find a spot you simply can't miss – the Červený Jelen (Red Stag) Restaurant. Located in the historic Sporck Palace, this venue offers a lot of culinary delights, refreshing Pilsner beer on tap, and an unforgettable atmosphere. If you're in search of a top restaurant in Prague with friendly service, make your way to Červený Jelen.

Gourmet experiences at the Červený Jelen Restaurant

At this Prague restaurant, you'll be treated to exceptional food. From modern Czech cuisine to grilled specialties and seasonal menus by Chef Marek Fichtner and his team. The current spring menu features spring dishes with asparagus, which is Marek's favorite vegetable. Beyond classic Czech delicacies like beef tartare, venison sirloin, or the favored pork chop from Přeštice. We recommend trying the Wagyu steak, whether you prefer tenderloin, sirloin, or rib eye steak. The grill fills the air with other enticing aromas, like fish, lamb, or fresh vegetables.

A hearty meal deserves to be washed down with Czech lager. The master bartenders take care of its temperature and quality here at Červený Jelen. Pilsner beer is tapped by a team of bartenders led by Míra Nekolný.

If you're looking for the perfect spot for lunch or a romantic dinner, come on over. The Červený Jelen Restaurant is perfect for anyone looking for a spatious and modern environment for any gathering. In the summer, you can sit in one of our two outdoor beer gardens (Celnice and Republika) and enjoy your meal in the open air.

On the main floor, named "the Bank", there's a glass showcase for all our desserts. In the showcase, you can see which desserts are currently on the daily menu, but you'll also find desserts from the permanent offer, such as a cream puff (větrník), rhubarb cake, or mango-coconut ball. Our head Pastry Chef Klára Řezníčková can create truly excellent desserts. For example, the beer cake has become legendary and has been on the menu since the restaurant opened. Don't forget to make a reservation.

You can reach the restaurant from every corner of Prague

The Červený Jelen Restaurant is located in Prague 1 in the historical building of Sporck Palace, in Hybernská Street next to the Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky).

In this location, you have easy access to the Powder Gate (Prašná brána), Municipal House (Obecní dům), the picturesque alleys of the Old Town with the Astronomical Clock (Orloj) and Old Town Square.

The restaurant is also a short walk from Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge, or from the shopping paradise of Na Příkopě Street.

It's easy to get to the restaurant by public transport. It is located near Masaryk's and the Main Railway Station, and all three metro lines are close by (A - Můstek, B - Náměstí Republiky, C - Hlavní nádraží). So, you can easily get here from any place in Prague.

The restaurant's name comes from sculptures of red flying deer by the sculptor Michal Gabriel, located in the newly built St. Hubert’s Alley. 

Originally, the space was owned by Karel Breda, then transformed into Prague's first permanent theatre scene under Count Sporck’s ownership. In the early 20th century, the palace housed the Anglo-Czechoslovak Bank, where the principal amount was kept in gold, hence the names of the restaurant's floors, "Bank" and the "Vault" located beneath the bank. The building's most recent history has been written since 2018 when the reconstruction of the building designed by architect Stanislav Fiala was completed.

A highlight of the ground floor is the glass ceiling and the hole leading to the lower vault floor, into which a tank tower with twelve copper tanks of 529 liters is embedded. This makes it the tallest beer tower in the Czech Republic and the world. The restaurant spans four floors with a total capacity of 700 seats.

Book your table

Don't wait. Come and experience the Červený Jelen Restaurant for yourself. Book your table today. On the website, you'll find a menu that will show you why you can’t miss Červený Jelen.

Discover new flavors and create beautiful memories in Prague with your loved ones.


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