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Come for good food in Prague and enjoy special price with the Sokol app at Červený Jelen!

Updated: Jun 25

Come for good food with the Sokol app to Červený Jelen Prague

Do you want to enjoy good food at a special place during the XVII All-Sokol Gathering?

You can savor it at a special price with the Sokol app. Come to the Červený Jelen restaurant.

It is a Cubist-Modernist space of the former Anglo-Czechoslovak Bank created by Josef Gočár, which Stanislav Fiala has sensitively transformed into a unique restaurant.

Additionally, we have created a great deal for the users of the Sokol app.

What is the history of the Červený Jelen restaurant building?

It used to be a Baroque palace with a beautiful garden. The Špork Palace represented an oasis full of life in the center of Prague. Later, the palace transformed into the anglo-czechoslovak bank, and other banks, offices, and department stores grew in the vicinity. The pace of life quickened, cars appeared, and mobile phones became common.

Červený Jelen is a symbol of the return to a peaceful life in the center of Prague. It offers honest, innovative dishes made from ingredients you know so well and have known for so long, combining them with the Czech tradition of perfect Pilsner beer. Come and enjoy your time, savoring the everyday luxury of togetherness, food, and beer at Hybernská Street No. 5. Read more details about Červený Jelen concept.

Special offer for Sokol app users:

During the gathering week, we have prepared a special gathering offer:

  • Pork tenderloin sous vide | 150 g | whole grain mustard sauce | spring onion | cauliflower | radish | Grenaille potatoes

Or enjoy the second option from the menu:

  • Vegetarian burger with pulled oyster mushrooms | BBQ sauce | spinach mayonnaise | Little Gem lettuce | lemon dressing

Additionally, all Sokol members receive a 10% discount on the entire menu throughout

the gathering. The discount also applies to the special gathering menu.

Also, check out our other lunch menu options or book a table for the lunch, afternoon or evening.

The offer is valid from June 30, 2024, to July 5, 2024.


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