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Marek Fichtner became the Golden Chef of 2022

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Marek Fichtner

Prague once again became the epicenter of the culinary world when, after a three-year break, the seventh edition of the Golden Chef survey took place. And who could be proud of the title of best chef in the end? None other than our chef Marek Fichtner! His excellent culinary skills dazzled the editors of the magazine Gastro&Hotel profi revue, which evaluated not only the quality of the food, but also the passion of the chefs.

Pavel Býček finished in second place with great creativity and precision, and Jan Punčochář shone with confidence and nobility in third place. And who earned the highest recognition in the hall of fame? Chef Martin Jiskra, whose masterful recipes are a lifelong contribution to Czech gastronomy.

From Beginnings to Success: The Career Story of Mark Fichtner

Marek Fichtner went through a hard way to achieve his dream - to become a chef in one of the most prestigious gastronomic establishments. He progressed from the lowest positions to the highest, requiring uncompromising diligence and endless hard work.

The beginnings of his career led to a large cruise ship, where managing a hundred-member chef team taught him not only discipline, but also had to be a leader and motivator. Thanks to his enormous talent and enthusiasm, he rose to the top of the gastronomic world, even preparing menus for members of the royal family in Saudi Arabia. He also worked his way up to the best restaurant in the world – Noma in Copenhagen.

He then transferred his talent and experience to top hotel restaurants in the Czech Republic. He raised the kitchen of Prague's Kempinski Hotel and the Augustine Restaurant among the most famous in our country.

Come and try Mark's specialties at our restaurant in the center of Prague

Marek Fichtner, the chef of the restaurant Červený Jelen, was able to perfectly combine a traditional Czech pub with a modern concept of gastronomy. And when you taste the first piece from his creative menu, your senses will overflow with joy. Marek can arouse emotions in people with his dishes, and every dish prepared under his guidance is like a small work of art.

Come and taste the best wagyu steak on the grill, asparagus menu or anything else from Mark's specialties to a restaurant in the center of Prague and you will enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience that will remain in your memory for a long time.


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