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Business lunch at Trezor Špork will delight both your business partners and colleagues

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Business lunch Trezor Špork

Do you wish to nurture business relationships or build trust with a client or your work team? A business lunch is an excellent opportunity for that. A business meal has the potential to become a unique culinary experience for both you and your guests, whether they are your employees, sponsors, or clients. Great food makes business matters easier to discuss. Hence, we've decided to prepare a three-course lunch menu at the intimate setting of Trezor Špork restaurant, designed to please the most discerning palates.

A three-course lunch menu for everyone

Our business lunch is served from Tuesday to Friday between 11:30 and 14:15.

You can choose from our top-tier menu or create your own combination of dishes from the à la carte selection located at the bottom of the menu. Our head chef, Marek Fichtner, has crafted the business lunch menu to cater to all guests. Even those on a gluten-free diet or vegetarians will find something to enjoy.


Begin your meal with a light appetizer that sets the tone for the main course. Options might include mushroom risotto, beef tartare, or pumpkin mousse with goat cheese.

Main Course

For the main course, you'll surely appreciate fresh fish, juicy steaks, or ratatouille.

Desserts and Cheeses

For the final course, choose between a sweet dessert or a quality cheese. Dessert options might include apples with caramel and ice cream. If you prefer cheese, consider the mountain cheese from Bio Farm Krasolesí. However, at Trezor, we stick to seasonal ingredients, so you can look forward to an interesting variety of sweet and savory treats each week.

Quality wine is essential for significant meetings

To fully enjoy your lunch menu with your guests, our service team is eager to recommend the best wines to enhance your culinary experience. We offer both Czech varieties and international wines that pair perfectly with each course of the lunch menu.

For desserts, we can offer either sweeter wines or "bubbles", such as Champagne. The choice depends on the specific dessert and, most importantly, on your preferences.

For fish dishes or white meats, we recommend white wines. The selection depends on the preparation - wines that are more mature are suitable for creamy white sauces, while fresher, zesty young wines are better suited for freshly processed fish.

Dishes with red meat are usually paired with full-bodied, heavier wines, for example, from the South Rhône region, Spain, or even Israel, among others.

Book a table and transform your work lunch into an extraordinary experience

You can easily reserve a table either on the website trezorspork.cz/reservations or by contacting us by phone at 739 592 502.

Come and enjoy relaxing moments with quality food at Trezor Špork. You can be sure that your business meeting will take place in an elegant and discreet setting.

We look forward to your visit!


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