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Coffee & Desserts

Come visit us to enjoy our Deer Beans coffee, created in collaboration with Dos Mundos roastery or Italian Café Reserva. For dessert, enjoy seasonal goodies that will soon be gone - raspberry and pistachio or coconut sphere.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the First Republic with premium coffee and a selection of desserts from our pastry chef Klárka. Because great lunch goes hand in hand with a sweet treat and a coffee!

We care about your taste. That's why we offer two blends of coffee - traditional Italian (Café reserva) and modern (Deer Beans), on the sweet side. Our grinders and coffee machines are set up in perfect harmony so that you can enjoy a perfectly made cup of coffee with both blends.

In the middle of our restaurant is a bright glass case that is filled with extraordinary desserts. We have a place for the traditional czech "Větrník", as well as modern takes on traditional desserts such as honey cake or cheesecake.

deer beans Coffee


Deer Beans coffee was created as part of the Crafted for friends gastronomic alliance in collaboration with Dos Mundos roastery.

The chocolate and nutty body of the blend consists of natural coffee Rancho Grande from Brazil, honey-sweet Peru Las Naranjas with notes of tropical fruits. Juiciness and floral aromas are then added by washed Ethiopia Gamoji.

The combination of these varieties will definitely appeal to the lover of balanced espresso and sweet cappuccino.

The more acidic profile of the Deer Beans coffee perfectly complements the sweet treats from the pastry chef Klárka, which are displayed in a glass case in the middle of the restaurant.

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