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Tour of the premises of the Red Deer

Come and take a walk through the four floors of our restaurantwith the co-owner of Červené Jelen Jiří Panuška (September 7) or the restaurant director Radek Tureček (August 24). The entire tour will be interspersed with interesting facts and connections that only the insiders knew until now.

The renovated premises of the Špork Palace, in which the Červený Jelen restaurant is located, have a history that dates back tothe first republicuntil period Spork Family.

The current form of the palace was designed by the architect Stanislav Fiala, who worked, for example, on the DRN building on Národní street. The entire palace was also named a national cultural monument.


There are also several in the buildingtechnical uniques, like

-the highest tank towerin the world with a volume of 800 l of beer (fully functional)

- sculptures of red deer by the world-famous sculptor Michael Gabriel

- Remains of pipe mail from the First Republic Bank

and more.

The capacity of each tour is only 10 places. Admission is voluntary. Are you interested?

Just fill out the following form to make a reservation

one of 10 places for the selected date. We will send you the details by e-mail.

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