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Dobrojídlo - "good dish"

Giving back is important to us - we try to help wherever there is need. And kindness comes in many forms.


Jirka Panuška and Marek Fichtner have jointly invented the concept of "Good dish" - Dobrojídlo in Czech, which means creating a special dish for a good cause. We also tried to connect this concept to grilling, beer tapping and making sweet desserts.

All the concepts have a common goal - to support and help.

We always invite friends to Červený Jelen who choose a good cause they want to support. We contribute our culinary skills, our guests provide inspiration and together we create a "Good dish", a dessert or other goodies that are available for a limited time at our restaurant.

Monika Absolonová for Kapka naděje

Actress, singer and a singer newly awarded with bronze slavík, Monika Absolonová, visited the kitchen of Červený Jelen. Together with Marek Fichtner, they created a special treat for the Kapka Naděje Foundation. 

Good dish:

Tiger prawns | yolk linguini | saffron sauce with riesling | curry sauce |

You can taste the pasta for the Kapka Naděje Foundation from 27 November to 17 December at our restaurant.

Finished projects:

Marta Jandová for Dogpoint

Marek Fichtner invited Marta Jandová to the Vault Kitchen and during one afternoon they created a beautiful autumn-style meal together. Marta decided to support the Dogpoint shelter with the proceeds from the event.

All together we managed to raise 19 250 Kč for Dogpoint. A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this Good dish event!

Good dish:

Boar loin | plum sauce | sweet potato croquette | romanesco | bacon cracklings

Emma Smetana a Jordan Haj
for malá jóga

Proceeds from this fundraiser went to the Mala Joga foundation, which provides yoga instructors for young cancer patients. In total, 526 portions of good dish were sold and 26 300 CZK were raised!

Good dish:

Argentinian beef maminha from the fire | tarragon jus | potato rösti | fried white asparagus | baby carrots | herb mayonnaise

Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj chose to support Mala Joga. They created a delicious dish with Marek Fichtner, featuring the beef Maminha which was supplied by our partners at Pampas Market - thank you for your support.

Patricie Pagáčová for Pink Bubble

Patricie chose the Pink Bubble Foundation, which helps young people fight cancer. Together we managed to raise 30 900 CZK in 14 days. Many thanks to the 618 people who ordered the good dish!

Good dish:
Pork tenderloin | roasted portobello | herb crust I fried polenta | spinach leaves


We met Patricie Pagáčová at the turn of 2022 and 2023. Patricie wanted to incorporate pork tenderloin into the dish, which Marek complemented with roasted portobello and fried polenta - and the perfect good dish was born.